Whistleblowing and Corona

„When decisions are taken under emergency conditions, often far from democratic control, whistleblowers can assume an important early warning function . In this time of crisis, as well as beyond it, we encourage citizens and insiders to assume the task of defending the human rights and freedoms of all people and to see to it that appropriate accountability is safeguarded in our governments, institutions, and markets.“

To the Appeal

This appeal of now 92 international NGOs is supported by the Rapporteur of the Legal Committee of the Council of Europe (PACE), Sylvain Waserman.

Backgrounds: End of quarantine for the political debate

This is why we are also available for accepting hints and information. We ask decidedly for whistleblowing, not for denunciation.

Email: info@whistleblower-net.de

Telephone: +49 162 73 93 65 1

The most secure digital way is to write to our telephone number +49 162 73 93 65 1 via the encrypting Messengers Signal or Telegram.



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