Fundamental Rights and Corona

The dangers associated with the virus, the statistics and pictures of the Corona victims, the – relative – edge in knowledge on the part of politics and medical sciences have silenced criticism and objections against laws, administrative provisions, and individual measures temporarily. The restrictions of fundamental rights enacted by the federal and state governments have been welcomed by approximately three quarters of the citizens so far, depending on the survey. Only gradually are voices being raised which deal critically with the suspension of fundamental rights and urge for more information and discussions.


Gesellschaft für Freiheitsrechte (GFF, Society for Liberty Rights) (in German)

Many measures to contain the Corona pandemic restrict fundamental rights. In its constantly expanding FAQs, the GFF observes developments, answers frequently asked questions, and offers legal assessments.


Constitutional Blog (German and English)

With numerous posts on individual legal issues, the Corona crisis is discussed comprehensively and with a jurisprudential Approach.


COVID-19 Civic Freedom Tracker
This is where worldwide governmental measures to contain the pandemic are collected, which affect civil liberties and human rights.


Press Release of the Neue Richtervereinigung: “No corona warning app without legal protection”
The Neue Richtervereinigung demands accompanying legislation for the upcoming corona warning app (in German).


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