Our Vision

A working environment in which every human being can expose misconduct and dangers for the common good without affecting their own situation negatively. Whistleblowers should contribute to identifying risks timely, as well as to avoiding and eliminating damage, to clarifying responsibilities and bringing those responsible to account. Whistleblowers should be heard and not put at a disadvantage, and they should also receive the support and recognition they deserve.

Our Mission

  1. Change of political and legal structures
  2. Information of the public
  3. Encouragement and support of whistleblowers
  4. Consulting of companies, public authorities and organisations

Our Values

  • Freedom of conscience
  • Freedom of expression and information
  • Freedom to petition
  • Civil courage
  • Responsibility
  • Justice
  • Transparency
  • Participation
  • Democracy

We want

  • Whistleblowing that really works
    If this goal is achieved, it will be of benefit to all: the whistleblower, the organisation and its members, the state and also, society as a whole.
  • Cultural change
    Our main objective cannot be achieved simply be decrees from above. It concerns all of us, essentially, and the way we deal with criticism.
  • Organisations acting responsibly
    Our modern life and its working environment takes place in organisations. There, it must be possible and safe to sound alarm and point to risks.
  • Comprehensive legal protection for whistleblowers
    Organisation always means concentration on one’s own specific interests, others come off badly. This is why good legal protection is required for disputes.
  • Politics which encourages and promotes
    Legal protection alone will fall short, politics also has a role model, as well as a promoting function when it comes to cultural change. It must become active in an encouraging, promoting way.
  • Global standards
    In a globalised world which is regulated on an international scale, positive changes must not stop at borders.

What we do

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