The Board decides on all matters of the association, as far as they do not require a resolution taken in the general meeting of the members. It carries out the resolutions of the general meeting. Details are set forth in § 8 of the Articles of Association (in German). Since 21st September 2019, the Board has been composed as follows:

Chairperson (at the same time, Executive Board Member within the meaning of § 26 Civil Code (§ 26 BGB):

Dipl.-Pol. Annegret Falter
Personal details
OStA a.D. Robert Bungart
Deputy Chair
Personal details
Dr. Detlev Böttcher
Personal details
Markwart Faussner

Extended Board

Lothar Hausmann
Personal details
Dipl.-Ing. Ingo Karras
Personal details
Prof. Dr. Johannes Ludwig
Personal details
Martin Porwoll
Personal details

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