Markus Löning

Markus Löning

Markus Löning founded „Löning – Human Rights & Responsible Business“ at the beginning of 2014 with the purpose of strategically consulting companies in fulfilling their duty of care in human rights.
He works in a world-wide network of specialists in the field of economics and human rights, among them lawyers, researchers, NGOs, and research institutions.

From 2010 until 2013 he was Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights, and from 2002 until 2009 he was Member of the Bundestag with the focus areas of European and development policies. He has travelled to more than 70 countries, predominantly in Europe, Asia and Africa, and worked with governments and civil societies all over the world.
Currently, he is managing the Human Rights Committee of the International Association for Liberal Political Parties, he is a member of the German Committee of UNICEF and in the Board of Trustees of the German Institute for Human Rights. Before he worked as a professional politician, Löning was self-employed with his own advertising agency for 15 years.
Löning grew up in Germany, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg and studied at universities in Great Britain and Germany. He has a Master’s Degree in political science

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